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Why is the water cup smelly
2021-03-10 06:44:12

Because there are microbes in the water cup, do not drink while eating. Remember to wash the cup after drinking water, and do not give the microbes in the water "nutrient".

Water cups are the containers we use to hold liquids daily. Usually, they are shaped like cylinders with a height greater than their width, so that they can be easily picked up by hand and retain the temperature of the liquid. There are also square-shaped water cups. Some water cups also have handles, handles, or additional functions such as anti-scalding and heat preservation. Water cups are generally small in size, and people can easily pick them up with one hand. The bottom of the cup is wide and can be stably placed on the table.

The body of the water cup is made of strong, water-insoluble materials such as glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, etc., and can safely contain a variety of edible liquids such as beverages, alcohol, etc.